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Hi! I’m Sharae. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns as I’m sure so many of you know all too well. My life is no different. You expect life to follow a certain trajectory but then the unexpected happens and everything changes. I have come to see that in all this madness that God is creating a symphony, that all our stories are creating one large symphony.

You see I grew up loving to draw and illustrate people. As a six-year-old, I would sit at my Grandmother’s kitchen table and draw my family members from a picture on her fridge. It would soon become my passion. I would sit for hours on our screened-in porch and draw people I made up with my imagination, discussing out loud to myself the characters that each person was and their connections to one another. But as I got older, I didn’t think there was anything I could do with this passion of mine. That is until I started illustrating my children and sharing the portraits with family and friends. Soon I had people reaching out to me to create portraits of their families and friends. So here I am with a once dead dream now resurrected.

I love drawing people because everyone is so interesting to me, each of us uniquely designed by God. Each of us has a part in the symphony. Most of us have dreams that we have given up on. I hope my story inspires you to keep dreaming. I want to leave you with the lyrics that inspired the name of my business.

“Cause even in the madness
There is peace
Drowning out the voices all around me
Through all of this chaos
You are writing a symphony
A symphony”

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And purpose resonates. Sincere core values are key to connecting with real people in a digital first society.

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What People Say About My Work

“My mom lost her last sister just before Thanksgiving. I wanted to give her something special as a reminder. Sharae sketched a photo of the two of them. While I expected my mom to break down in tears, she smiled when she saw the sketch. This amazing reminder of her sister and best friend was extremely comforting to her during a tough holiday season.”


“Sharae did a wonderful job on my portrait! Great communication, professional, and timely. I would definitely recommend.”


“Thank you so much for the wonderful job You did bringing a 120 year old portrait back to life for us grands & great grands. Beautiful job, well done. Also the portrait you did of my sister & I was totally awesome. We lost her too soon & you gave me something to frame of us & I will forever be grateful. Thumbs up to you for an impeccable job & your charge to do so was very affordable.”


“Sharae did an exceptional job and my 2 portraits. She didn’t stop until she got it right! She asked for a few more pictures so she could capture the look exactly. I have sent several friends her information!”


“My portraits were amazing. I ordered two of the same subject as I gifted one to the babies parents and kept one for myself. The portraits truly captured Rutledge’s personality. Thank you, Sharae, for the treasured memory you made for us.”


“We loved the portraits. She did a great job, and in a very timely manner. We gave the portraits as a Christmas gift. They were the perfect gift.”


These are Some of the Services I Offer

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Portraits available in 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 18x24. Prices vary by size and number of people in the portrait.

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Portraits available in 11x14, 16x20, 18x24. Prices vary by size and number of people in the portrait.

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